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Customer Engagement

Automate communications with customers 📨

Simplify lifecycle marketing for your entire growth team

Intuitive marketing tools that scale.

The perfect balance of UI simplicity and robust messaging capabilities.

Automate marketing communication with multi-trigger workflows based on events across your products and pages.

Developer best practices built into your growth stack.

Version control, novel testing features, and data portability. We help growth engineers and marketing ops make healthy campaigns :)


Keep control of customer data. Prevent vendor lock-in.

Self-host Dittofeed to avoid proliferating sensitive PII. No more worrying about 3rd party compliance or price hikes.

Ready to self-host?

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Deploy To Render


Like Redux devtools. Built for marketing campaigns.

A first-in-class test suite and debugger for your messaging journeys. Increase customer conversion and retention with error-free messages.

Version control

Branch-based git workflows.

Check your templates, segments, and user journeys into git. Version control finally comes to marketing campaigns!

Setup Walkthrough

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