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Release v0.5.0

by Max Gurewitz

Dittofeed v0.5.0: SMS Channel, Improved Settings, and More

Hey folks, we're excited to announce that Dittofeed v0.5.0 is now live. This release brings several improvements and new features that enhance the overall experience of using our platform.

Release Details

New: Implement SMS Channel

This release includes a new twilio-powered SMS communication channel, allowing you to engage with your users through text messages.
SMS is a great channel for B2C software companies, looking to engage with their users. For example, e-commerce businesses commonly use SMS to support checkout flows.
We'll be making further enhancements to Dittofeed's SMS support in the coming weeks!

New: Trait Exists Segment

You can now create user segments based on the existence of specific traits' values. For example, you can create a segment of users that have an available phone number.

Improved: Settings Page

Big thanks to our contributor @promisetochi, who gave the settings page a major facelift! We think it looks and feels much better now.

Improved: Render Deployment Memory Settings

We adjusted the memory settings in the provided render configuration to be more conservative, in order to curb out of memory errors.

Improved: Admin CLI in Lite Dockerfile

We added admin CLI scripts to the Dittofeed Lite Dockerfile so that developers can manage their instances more easily.


A big shoutout to our contributors for this release, especially @promisetochi for the improvements to the settings page.
We'd love to hear your feedback on these updates, especially if you're using the new SMS channel or the trait exists segment feature. As always, thanks for being a part of the Dittofeed community!